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GoodLight 4" Taper Candle / Ceremony Light - Non-Toxic, Paraffin-Free
Shabbat & Ceremony 4" Taper

Shabbat & Ceremony 4" Taper

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These unscented 4" taper candles are made from 100% palm wax with a filament-free cotton wick. They're perfect for a dripless* vigil, meditation, ceremony, and Shabbat. Available in white and multi-color. Each box of multi-color contains four each red, blue, and purple candles

•Taper size: 7/8" diameter x 4" high

•Burn time = up to 3 hours

•Available in a 12-count box or case of 72

*When we say dripless, the conditions need to be right - free from drafts and positioned straight.

•Weight by pack size to help determine shipping cost:
12-count: 0.8lb
case of 72: 5.35 lb