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Shabbat candles are back in stock!

for a healthier home & planet

While supporting sustainable palm farmers & orangutan rescue and rehabilitation, GoodLight provides clean-burning, paraffin-free candles to dine by, celebrate with, and relax alongside.

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from wax to wick, we are:





you are what you breathe

We believe that clean air is important for a healthy life. That's why we make our candles from palm wax, a non-GMO rapidly renewable resource that burns without the soot that paraffin candles leave behind. There is nothing more important to us than knowing you have clean-burning candles for your homes, restaurants, yoga studios, spas and places of worship.


 candles keep the lights on in our souls

Candles bring light to the darkest time of year, and so lift our hearts and hopes for the new year, keeping our "spirits bright.”  I hope you know how much we all appreciate not only the dedication, but also the excellent product.


absolute fan here

I've been burning your candles for years. They're the best.


these are the only candles we'll buy

My favorite candles ever!


we only use GoodLight candles

They are paraffin-free, non-toxic, and the tea lights burn for at least four hours. Once you try GoodLight it will be goodbye to any other brand of candles.


I LOVE your candles!

I made many changes after a breast cancer diagnosis in October of 2020, and burning clean candles was one of them. A friend turned me onto your company, and I am OBSESSED!! I love the scents of the jar candles.


i really believe in what you are doing!

We love your candles! We mostly use the votives and tea lights. But I've recently started lighting a lavendar candles as part of my evening routine.

keep up the great work

I'm a fan of everything from GoodLight!

Nevada City, CA

great company!

I love your candles! Just bought one the other day and it's so mellow and I'm not allergic to it.


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