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the mission-driven candle

plant-based, paraffin-free candles


from wax to wick, we are:





goodlight candles provide just that: good light

While supporting sustainable palm farmers and orangutan rescue and rehabilitation, GoodLight provides clean-burning, paraffin-free candles to dine by, celebrate with, and relax alongside.

because you breathe what you burn

We believe that clean air is important for a healthy life. That's why we make our candles from palm wax, a non-GMO rapidly renewable resource that burns without the soot that paraffin candles leave behind. There is nothing more important to us than knowing you have clean-burning candles for your homes, restaurants, yoga studios, spas and places of worship.


i am in love

I am in love with your candles! Thanks for helping bring light into the world.

Austin, TX

absolute fan here

I am really enjoying your candles. I have found it difficult to get high quality non-soy candles. I purchased my first GoodLight candle at PCC in Seattle at Christmas, and then I found another GoodLight holiday scent at Vashon Island Thriftway. Their selection was limited so I ordered directly from your online store. I also appreciate your contributions to taking care of orangutans in the wild! Absolute fan here on Vashon Island WA.

Niamh P
Vashon Island, WA

these are the only candles we'll buy

These candles are amazing! We love that they have a strong scent without being too strong, and the fact that they don't use paraffin or soy wax works very well for our household. These are the only candles we'll buy! 

Noelle & Jay
Laurel, NY

your candles burn so bright & so clean

I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with your candles. We were lucky enough to have a generator (after Hurricane Sandy took our power out), but on the warmer nights we shut it off and just used your candles. Your candles burn so bright and so clean, even my boyfriend was amazed at how much light they gave off. I will continue to use your products, but hopefully not for our main light source again! :) I also want to thank you for your quick reply and your well wishes!!!!

Crista P
Chestnut Ridge, NY

i love my candles

I love my candles. They are the best and most reliable candles out there so I keep re-ordering. We use them at dinner every night. They're very comforting and add to the mealtime ambiance.

Besty M.
Cornville, AZ

i really believe in what you are doing!

I love your GoodLight Candles! Thank you for providing a healthy candle! Beeswax is too expensive and not really "vegan" and your candles are affordable, vegan and the best! I really believe in what you are doing!

-Eco Chef Brian Au, award-winning cookbook author and raw chef
Manhattan Beach, CA

keep up the great work

Goodlight Team: Thank you for such a quality product. We have used your pillar candles in our worship services for several years now, and they burn longer, cleaner, and brighter than any other candle. Very pleased to be a repeat customer. Keep up the great work.

Rebecca Edwards
DaySpring Baptist Church | Waco, TX

great company!

Thanks so much! Great product, great customer service, great standards, great company!

Alda Glover
Los Angeles, CA

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