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...because you breathe what you burn.


Our mission it to provide truly affordable, clean-burning candles, and to contribute to positive change in the world while we're at it.

With every GoodLight candle you buy, you are supporting the work of these non-profit partners below and helping protect the planet we call home.


When you buy GoodLight, you contribute to the sustainable palm oil movement. GoodLight partners with WildAsia.org to support small RSPO-certified farmers, paying them a premium for the sustainable harvests.

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When you buy GoodLight, you contribute to the Orangutan Land Trust. A portion of GoodLight's sales supports the OLT's stewardship of the endangered wildlife and rainforests of Southeast Asia.

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GoodLight plants trees each year to offset the carbon emissions from our office, travel, and all transportation required to deliver GoodLight to our customers.

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"I used your votives and pillars at my daughters wedding and they were absolutely amazing and worth every penny. No worries for the asthma sufferers in our family or those sensitive to toxins. The 6" pillars burned for 7 hours and had no drips. The votives burned so nicely in that time and each one still has at least 5 hours burn time left. You should be very proud of your company that you have made a healthy choice for consumers! It was great to not worry about our white lanterns being soiled with black soot. Very, very impressed. Thank you so much!"

Heidi H., Hastings, MI

"We take pride in burning paraffin-free candles in our restaurant. We serve local, creative, healthy cuisine and feel it is important to apply that same thoughtfulness to all the small details of our dining room. Hence paraffin-free candles. Sure it costs a bit more but it's a choice we feel good about and our customers appreciate. And we are happy to support the work you are doing with sustainable palm oil. Keep up the good work."

Nova Askue, Ursa Minor, Lopez Island, WA

"I love fragrant candles, but unfortunately my asthma and allergies make most of them unbearable. So when I recently received a lavender GoodLight candle as a gift, I was skeptical. But I love lavender and I was familiar with GoodLight, so I decided to give them a try. I lit the candle in a large open room and felt no negative affects. Within 30 minutes I had the candle glowing next to my bed! WOW - first time ever - zero breathing difficulties, zero itchy eyes. The smell was amazing and I am sold!"

Jen. K, San Francisco, CA