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We are GoodLight

GoodLight sparked to life through conversation amongst friends and concern for others. As one of the founders, David, explains:

“GoodLight was started by my good friend Jon and me. We met each other in Telluride, Colorado in the early 90’s. Like a lot of folks in Telluride back then, we were tree-hugging hippie ski bums. (We still are; we just have shorter hair now.) Jon was hand-dipping beeswax tapers in his home studio and selling them locally when I first met him. Before long, though, Jon’s operation grew into Bluecorn Beeswax, now the country’s premier source of beeswax candles.

A decade into our relationship, I visited Manhattan to work with Jon at his Bluecorn retail booth in the Union Square Holiday Market. It was at this point that Jon told me of his vision to develop an affordable, clean-burning candle to replace the paraffin votives burning on the tables of New York's restaurants — and everywhere else for that matter."

The key word there was affordable. Jon and David took that key and ran. For the next few years, the two worked together to build a line of plant-based, paraffin-free candles. In 2010, GoodLight Candles was launched as an affordable, clean-burning candle company that contributes to positive change in the world.

from start to finish...

From supporting sustainable palm plantations to producing paraffin-free candles, we have taken care to ensure every candle you buy and burn supports and protects our planet. You can decorate, commemorate and celebrate in good conscience knowing that GoodLight’s clean-burning candles support the health of this planet and her people, from start to finish.

We support the sustainable palm movement by paying a premium to RSPO-certified farmers for their sustainable harvests.

All our candles are paraffin-free and made with 100% non-GMO plant-based palm wax.

Our scented candles are made with blends of pure essential and botanical oils, extracted from plants by coldpressing, steam and/or vacuum distillation.

Our candles are all plant-based and contain no phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or chemicals.

We are plastic-free. We use recycled & recyclable paper for our packaging, recyclable aluminum tea light cups, as well as plant-based inks & films on our packaging. Our wax is compostable, too!

We only use pure cotton wicks containing no lead filaments (or any other filaments, for that matter).

...we spread good light

with partners who do good

Since our inception in 2009, we have been (and still are) a contributing member of 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of our gross annual revenue to such non-profit environmental groups as the Orangutan Land Trust. With our yearly contributions, we are able to help finance the important work the OLT and their partners (such as Borneo Nature Foundation) do in protecting Southeast Asian forests and the wildlife endangered by irresponsible palm plantation expansion. We also contribute to Carbonfund.org's reforestation and avoided deforestation projects. We offset our office and travel emissions, as well as all transportation required to deliver GoodLight from its source to our customers through planting trees.

With 10 years of mission-driven candlemaking behind us, we look forward to another decade of supporting our planet, those who act as her stewards, and our customers. We will continue to spread the good light.

roundtable on sustainable palm oil

Forty percent of the world's palm oil is grown by small landowners who depend on their annual crop for their livelihood. Supporting responsible growers is an important step towards making sustainable palm oil the industry standard.

By supporting RSPO, we support advances in the production, procurement and use of sustainable palm oil products alongside developing global standards for the entire supply chain of sustainable palm oil.

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orangutan land trust

Orangutan Land Trust focuses on supporting the preservation, restoration and protection of forests in the areas where orangutans naturally exist or have existed in the past. The main aim is to ensure that there are safe forest areas set aside for orangutans and other species which accompany them within their habitat to form a healthy ecosystem.

Together, we encourage policymakers to develop, implement and uphold strong policies and existing laws that contribute to orangutan conservation in addition to developing responsible partnerships to deliver tangible outcomes on the ground.

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In the past 10 years, GoodLight has offset over 900 metric tons in carbon emissions.

Not only have we neutralized our entire carbon footprint from our offices, GoodLight-related travels and shipping involved in getting our candles across the ocean to you, we will continue to deliver responsibly-sourced, clean-burning candles, thanks to our partnership with and education through Carbonfund.org.

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1% for the planet

Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy within the United States goes to environmental causes. 1% for the Planet has facilitated over $250 million in contributions to tackle the most pressing environmental issues within its six core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.

GoodLight is proud to be a contributing member of 1% For The Planet, helping accomplish powerful work in tackling the range of critical environmental challenges facing our planet across 60 countries worldwide.

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