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meet GoodLight

Our Story:

GoodLight was started by my good friend Jon and me. We met each other in Telluride, Colorado, where we had both moved after college in the early 90’s. Like a lot of folks in Telluride back then, we were treehugging hippie ski bums. (We still are; we just have shorter hair now and don’t get in as many days on the hill as we’d like.) Jon was hand-dipping beeswax tapers in his home studio and selling them locally when I first met him. Before long, though, Jon’s operation grew into Bluecorn Naturals, now the country’s premier source of beeswax candles.

In 2005, I came to Manhattan for a month to work with Jon at his Bluecorn retail booth in the Union Square Holiday Market. It was at this point that Jon told me of his vision to develop an affordable, clean-burning candle to replace the paraffin votives burning on the tables of New York's restaurants—and everywhere else for that matter. (Although Bluecorn’s candles are all natural and clean-burning, beeswax is too expensive to compete on a mass scale with the much cheaper paraffin—so the key was in the word affordable.) For the next few years, Jon and I worked together to develop Jon’s idea into reality, and in April of 2010 we launched GoodLight Natural Candles. 

Eventually my wife Sarah joined the company, allowing Jon to go back to tending to Bluecorn full-time. Sarah and I now run GoodLight's operations out of our office in Telluride, Colorado (we relocated here after GoodLight's first 8 years in San Francisco). We all want to thank you—the many stores that have chosen to add GoodLight to their candle sets, as well as the wonderful restaurants, yoga studios, churches, spas, and individuals that choose to burn our candles—we wouldn’t be here without you.

- David



Our Candles:


  • All of our candles are paraffin-free and made with 100% non-GMO plant-based palm wax.

  • We only use pure cotton wicks containing no lead filaments (or any other filaments, for that matter).
  • Our scented candles are scented with blends of pure essential and botanical oils, extracted from plants by cold-pressing, steam and/or vacuum distillation. They are 100% plant-based and contain no phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or chemicals.
  • Our retail packaging is printed on recycled & recyclable paper with veggie-based inks.
  • You can recycle the aluminum tea light cups.
  • The plastic film covering the die cut window of the scented tea lights is plant-based, not petroleum-based.

  • If you live in an area where municipal composting is an offered service, you can compost any leftover wax (just make sure to remove the wick clip if there is one).

  • We are committed to using our business to create positive change. Read more about that here.

  • For candle care tips and to choose the right candle for your needs, go here.