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PLEASE NOTE: UPS & FedEx both report that, due to being over capacity, customers should expect deliveries to take longer than normal.

shipping time & rates

GoodLight only ships to the 48 contiguous United States. If you live in Europe or Canada, a small selection of our candles is available on Amazon. Go here to learn more.

*Please note: GoodLight ships via UPS Ground--we cannot ship to PO Boxes, APOs, or FPOs. Sorry for the inconvenience!

When will I receive my order?
Orders placed before 4:00 pm Mountain Time Monday through Friday will generally be shipped the next business day via UPS Ground. Orders placed over the weekend will generally be shipped on the following Tuesday. GoodLight orders ship from warehouses in Pennsylvania and Reno, NV (using two semi-coastal locations helps minimize transit times and shipping charges). As a general rule of thumb, if you live west of the Rocky Mountains, your order will ship from Reno (zip code 89431); if you live east of the Rocky Mountains, your order will ship from Pennsylvania (zip code 18706). Depending on your location, UPS Ground generally delivers in 1 to 4 business days (this does not include the day it ships). This handy map shows UPS Ground transit times. Remember, UPS Ground transit times are not guaranteed; neither is our order processing time mentioned above - especially during high volume holiday season. If you need your order by a specific date, contact us.

Shipping Rates
GoodLight ships to the 48 contiguous United States via UPS from two convenient locations--one in Northern California and one in Pennsylvania. This keeps our transit times short and shipping prices as low as possible. Keep in mind that while our candles are the most affordable paraffin-free candles anywhere, they are relatively heavy; this means that freight charges aren't always proportionate to the purchase price. To help keep these shipping costs affordable for our customers, GoodLight absorbs as much of this as we can. 

Shipping rates are based on the total weight of your order and are as follows:

0 lb - 2 lb: $8.99 110.1 lb - 120 lb: $54.99
2.1 lb - 10 lb: $10.99 120.1 lb - 140 lb: $59.99
10.1 lb - 25 lb: $14.99

140.1 lb - 150 lb: $64.99

25.1 lb - 35 lb: $19.99

150.1 lb - 160 lb: $69.99

35.1 lb - 50 lb: $24.99

160.1 lb - 175 lb: $74.99

50.1 lb - 60 lb: $29.99

175.1 lb - 190 lb: $79.99

60.1 lb - 70 lb: $34.99

190.1 lb - 199 lb: $82.99

70.1 lb - 90 lb: $39.99

199.1 lb - 215 lb: $87.99

90.1 lb - 100 lb: $44.99

215.1 lb - 225 lb: $94.99

100.1 lb - 110 lb: $49.99

225.1 lb - 250 lb: $99.99