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"Your candles are truly wonderful and the customer service is top notch! Thank you for your product. I really enjoy the candles so much." -Dana V., Kent, WA

"I love my candles. They are the best and most reliable candles out there so I keep re-ordering! We use them at dinner every night. They are very comforting and add to the mealtime ambiance." -Betsy M., Cornville, AZ

"These candles are amazing! We love that they have a strong scent without being too strong, and the fact that they don't use paraffin or soy wax works very well for our household. These are the only candles we'll buy!" -Jay & Noelle, Lauren, NY

"Your candles are wonderful! They are lasting like they are supposed to - two evenings per candle - and they don't leave any soot on the holders." -Kerry K., Phipps Conservatory Winter Flower Show & Light Garden, Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm a busy professional who is very particular about purchasing quality products from companies who care about taking care of the environment. GoodLight's paraffin-free candles and the sustainable practices they use were important factors for us. My wife is a master Reiki practitioner who appreciates the high quality and unique scents which don't overpower a room during one of her sessions. We look forward to trying out their new candle offerings as well as sticking by our favorites - lavender and honeysuckle. " -Dean B., Denver, CO

"I am in love with your candles! Thanks for helping bring light into the world." -Antonetta, Austin, TX

"I am really enjoying your candles. I have found it difficult to get high quality non-soy candles. I purchased my first GoodLight candle at PCC in Seattle at Christmas, and then I found another GoodLight holiday scent at Vashon Island Thriftway. Their selection was limited so I ordered directly from your online store. I also appreciate your contributions to taking care of orangutans in the wild! Absolute fan here on Vashon Island WA. " -Niamh P., Vashon Island, WA

"I used your votives and pillars at my daughter's wedding and they were absolutely amazing and worth every penny. No worries for the asthma sufferers in our family or those sensitive to toxins. The 6" pillars burned for 7 hours and had no drips. The votives burned so nicely in that time and each one still has at least 5 hours burn time left. You should be very proud of your company that you have made a healthy choice for consumers! It was great to not worry about our white lanterns being soiled with black soot. Very, very impressed. Thank you so much!" -Heidi H., Hastings, MI

"We take pride in burning paraffin-free candles in our restaurant. We serve local, creative, healthy cuisine and feel it is important to apply that same thoughtfulness to all the small details of our dining room. Hence paraffin-free candles. Sure it costs a bit more but it's a choice we feel good about and our customers appreciate. And we are happy to support the work you are doing with sustainable palm oil. Keep up the good work." -Nova Askue, Ursa Minor, Lopez Island, WA

"I love fragrant candles, but unfortunately my asthma and allergies make most of them unbearable. So when I recently received a lavender GoodLight candle as a gift, I was skeptical. But I love lavender and I was familiar with GoodLight, so I decided to give them a try. I lit the candle in a large open room and felt no negative affects. Within 30 minutes I had the candle glowing next to my bed! WOW - first time ever - zero breathing difficulties, zero itchy eyes. The smell was amazing and I am sold! -Jennifer K., San Francisco, C

"I love that I don't feel bad physically after burning them. They really burn clean. And I'm a super sensitive." - L.C., Chatham, MA

"We appreciate your wonderful products. You have made our Adoration chapel have breathable air!"-Claudia P., Pastoral Assistant, Holy Family Catholic Church, Kirkland, WA

"We lost power for 5 days due to Hurricane Sandy. It was nice to have light for the past 5 nights without putting toxic fumes into my home. I just re-ordered to restock on all the candles we used. Thank you for what you do, keep up the 'Good' work!" -Brant, Bryn Athyn, PA
"We are so thrilled with our partnership with GoodLight Natural Candles. They make an excellent product, offer it at a very competitive price, and share our commitment to environmental sustainability and conscious business - even the boxes the candles come in are recyclable cardboard, how great! All of the customer service experiences we've had have been amazing - the people at GoodLight seem to really care about their customers, and about forming lasting relationships. I am so grateful I found you guys, and recommend you to anyone looking for eco-candles!-Eva Ackerman, General Manager, Gracias Madre, San Francisco, CA
"I'm on a mission to encourage people to eat clean, non-toxic food from more sustainable sources. Jon and David are on a mission to encourage people to burn clean, non-toxic candles from sustainable sources. Of course we're burning their candles at my restaurant! I admire their passion and commitment to clean up the world, beautifully, one candle at a time.-Sarma Melngailis, Owner, Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck, New York, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with your candles. We were lucky enough to have a generator (after Hurricane Sandy took our power out), but on the warmer nights we shut it off and just used your candles. Your candles burn so bright and so clean, even my boyfriend was amazed at how much light they gave off. I will continue to use your products, but hopefully not for our main light source again! :) I also want to thank you for your quick reply and your well wishes!!!!" -Crista P., Chestnut Ridge, NY

"I was introduced to your candles by my neighborhood aromatherapy store. You have a very nice product, and it is clear that you run an even higher quality business. I'm glad to see your products on the shelf here. Perhaps it has come to be viewed as inconsequential, but you should be proud for giving consideration to your customers. Thank you." -Daniel Johnson, New York, NY
"We LOVE your candles! It is so important to us that we do what ever we can to contribute--even if in only small, and incremental ways--to the answer rather then the 'problem.' Part of the lesson seems to be for us to really understand that we are the ones who make things matter, and so each time we make a choice for this over that, we bring things into fruition by making them matter...and so it is with your candles. Thanks for making these available to all of us, and helping to educate us on something we might not have been aware of. We'll be burning more GoodLight in the coming months as we'll be yoga'ing with less sunshine." -Todd Williamson, OmBase Yoga, Portland, OR
"Love, love, love the candles... Ya know, living in a house with a 14-year-old, 12-year-old and a 2-year-old, I need all the help I can get to calm the air! It's good to know that I'm burning something that is not going to make us sick! You all rock at GoodLight... Thanks for giving us the best of both worlds!" -Aimee Sandy Watkins, Millboro, VA

"Telluride's power was out for 4 hours during the day and then went out again around 6 p.m. - 9 p.m., and we lit about 45 of your GoodLight candles all over the Bean and had a wonderful Game Night by candlelight. So, so, so beautiful. One of my favorite moments here at our coffee shop." -Meghann McCormick, Owner, The Steaming Bean, Telluride, CO

"I haven't been able to light a candle in my house for years because my husband says he is allergic to them. I've even tried unscented candles before, but he says they also irritate him. Well, the other day I got some your candles and lit them on the mantle before we were to have some friends over for dinner. After dinner, we all went into the living room where the candles were. About an hour later, my husband noticed for the first time that there were candles burning on the mantle, and asked how long they'd been burning. I said 'All night.' He didn't believe me at first, because he couldn't understand why his allergies weren't flaring up. But it was true, and apparently your candles are the only ones out there that he isn't allergic to. So after all these years, I've finally found candles that I can burn at home. You don't know how happy this makes me! Thanks! " -Pam Miser, Memphis, TN
"We at Kula love to burn GoodLight candles. We have used their pillars, votives, and tealights in our space, and the palm wax candles always give us exactly what we are looking for: Natural, warm light that comes from a good place and good people.-Nikki Villela, Kula Yoga Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
"I have customers that are glad we carry them. I am also really pleased with the quality, packaging, price point, and good stewardship. Thanks for recommending GoodLight to me." -Erica Dudrow, Cordata Community Co-op, Bellingham, WA

"I love your GoodLight Candles! Thank you for providing a healthy candle! Beeswax is too expensive and not really "vegan" and your candles are affordable, vegan and the best! I really believe in what you are doing!" -Eco Chef Brian Au, award-winning cookbook author and raw chef, Manhattan Beach, CA

"I am very happy to have found your tea lights this morning. Very happy indeed. I recently lost my production-quality source for soy tea lights, and the eco-responsible candle holders I create and sell in various art museum shops were at risk of being, well, not so much candle holders if there were no candles. After looking into the exact size of each GoodLight tea light and having them be the exact size I required for my design, it became a matter of CPU. And, thank you, you have delivered on that as well. So, I walked down to Pharmaca here in West Seattle and walked back with a case of 100 beautiful palm oil-based tea lights. Problem not only solved, but a better product discovered and a wonderful connection made. Thank you for your dedication to creating and distributing such a much needed product, and to our environment in general. As a cross-disciplinary artist and designer, I truly, truly appreciate the eco-responsible sentiment you have strived toward pillaring. Pun sincerely unintentional." -Christopher Hydinger, artist/designer, Seattle, WA
"As a small business owner, I appreciate personal, timely response and attention given me by companies with whom I deal--especially on even the smallest level. I may not be the biggest customer, but I am a loyal one once I come upon something I like. Your prompt response and attention, as well as concern for safety and satisfaction of your customers, has absolutely cemented that loyalty." -Andrea D., Peabody, MA
"I love your candles & your company!" -Giovanni di Mola, New York, NY
"I'm a candle burner from way back. My father used to make them, and then we did it together. From that I learned about quality, burning clean, and not leaving sticky wax residue in the holder. I love burning beeswax, but it is too expensive for everyday. Your candles are the best I've found, and I've tried many. I also appreciate that they are environmentally friendly. I'm a fan!" -Susan M., San Francisco, CA
"Goodlight Team: Thank you for such a quality product. We have used your pillar candles in our worship services for several years now, and they burn longer, cleaner, and brighter than any other candle. Very pleased to be a repeat customer. Keep up the great work." -Rebecca Edwards, DaySpring Baptist Church, Waco, TX
"GoodLight is easy to love. They are awesome candles and they sell like hotcakes, what's not to love!? The birthday candles are flying off the shelves!" -Judy Scott, Buyer at Radiance Herbs & Massage, Olympia, WA
"Thanks so much! Great product, great customer service, great standards, great company!" - Alda Glover, Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to send a note of gratitude for the quality of your services. This is the first time I've ordered online. I've used your product before, but was pleasantly surprised when my order of 400 candles arrived the next day. As a yoga studio owner, candles are integral to the environment. So I thank you not only for the excellent candles but also the service. May your day be filled with peace." - Dr. R. Alston, Ase Yoga Studio & Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA

"Your tea lights are burned for reiki, yoga, massage, and other healing work in our studio. We want people breathing the best the whole time. Thanks for being awesome and easy to work with. I will always continue to work with people like you." - Neale B., Urban Escape Healing Studio, Chicago, IL