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Shabbat candles are back in stock!

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Sign up for Auto-Ship and get significantly discounted prices (lower than the lowest bulk discounts advertised on this site) on all GoodLight votives.*

While anyone is welcome to use our Auto-Ship feature, it is specifically designed for industry customers: restaurants, yoga studios, hotels, churches/temples/synagogues, and the like. For example: restaurant managers, you know how many candles you go through every month; sign up for Auto-Ship and we'll automatically ship the quantity you need at a determined interval. Bam! One less thing you now have to think about. Simply pick the type and quantity of candles you need, figure out how often you want them shipped to you, and give us a call to set it up.

*Note that certain quantities and intervals and a 12-month minimum commitment are required to get the deepest discounts.

Contact us for details at 1-800-519-2353, ext. 1.


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