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yoga & spa

burn GoodLight at your yoga studio, spa, clean burning candles, paraffin free, non toxic, pillars, votives, tea lights,

Since we started GoodLight in 2010, many yoga studios, retreat centers, and spas have replaced the paraffin candles in their spaces with our clean-burning palm wax candles - our unscented tea lights and pillars are the most popular for these spaces. Switching to GoodLight is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep the air clean for intentional breathing while creating a relaxing, healing environment free of toxins associated with petroleum. Your clients and staff will thank you.

Pricing & Options
Prior to GoodLight, the only other natural candles on the market cost at least three times what paraffin candles cost. By offering discounted pricing on bulk quantities, we have been able to finally make paraffin-free candles affordable. Check out our bulk prices on tea lights, pillars, votives, and tapers and place your order directly on our website or by calling us at 1-800-519-2353, extension 1.

If you're burning GoodLight at your studio and want to let others know, we will be glad to add you to the "Who's Burning GoodLight?" page on this website.

Read more about GoodLight's environmental mission and how we give back here.

From Nikki Villela of Kula Yoga in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
"We at Kula love to burn GoodLight candles. We have used their pillars, votives, and tealights in our space, and the palm wax candles always give us exactly what we are looking for: Natural, warm light that comes from a good place and good people." 

From Neale B. of Urban Escape Healing Studio in Chicago, IL
"Your tea lights are burned for reiki, yoga, massage, and other healing work in our studio. We want people breathing the best the whole time. Thanks for being awesome and easy to work with. I will always continue to work with people like you." 

From Dr. R. Alston of Ase Yoga Studio & Tea Room in Philadelphia, PA
"I just wanted to send a note of gratitude for the quality of your services. This is the first time I've ordered online. I've used your product before, but was pleasantly surprised when my order of 400 candles arrived the next day. As a yoga studio owner, candles are integral to the environment. So I thank you not only for the excellent candles but also the service. May your day be filled with peace." 

From Todd Williamson of OmBase Yoga in Portland, OR
"We LOVE your candles! It is so important to us that we do what ever we can to contribute--even if in only small, and incremental ways--to the answer rather then the 'problem.' Part of the lesson seems to be for us to really understand that we are the ones who make things matter, and so each time we make a choice for this over that, we bring things into fruition by making them matter...and so it is with your candles. Thanks for making these available to all of us, and helping to educate us on something we might not have been aware of. We'll be burning more GoodLight in the coming months as we'll be yoga'ing with less sunshine."