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Clean candles for your (Spring) clean space

Do you care about clean air?

It’s like a signature sign-off that this space is CLEAN. So everyone who enters after you knows not to touch. anything.

What is it about lighting a candle that makes it feel like, “my work here is done.”?

Well, you’ve dusted the counters, vacuumed the floors, re-organized shelves, and maybe even mopped! The surfaces are clean…

So it only makes sense to light up an eco-elegant, plant-based candle to fill the air with naturally-derived fragrance and fortify that fresh, tidied up feeling.

And since our candles are sans-paraffin, a by-product of petroleum, they do not emit the black soot and harmful fumes of their synthetic counterparts. For you, the Spring Clean Master of Your Space, that means even the air will be as clean as it smells.

Fill the air with positivity

Conventional, mass produced, aromatic candles are made with artificial fragrances. These fragrances emit phthalates, which are known to be detrimental to breathing conditions and hormone levels.

All of our scented candles are made with pure essential oils and 100% plant-derived isolates.

It’s all of the things we love about candles, minus the stuff we don’t love. Here are some of our favorite scents for complimenting that oh-so-satisfying cleaner-than-clean feeling:

Vibrant and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness, the Lemon Verbena collection is a celebration of Spring, just in time for the proverbial “cleaning season.” What’s a cleaner scent than sun-dappled lemons?


The deep richness of figs - jazzed up with that pop of grapefruit - for an effervescent brightness that downright delights the senses, go for Fig Grapefruit.


Looking for a cool and earthy scent for your freshly-tidied area? Try Eucalyptus Citrus’ minty tones, finishing with a sunburst of citrus.

Keeping up with the Clean Candles

While you’re chasing that fresh feeling, this handmade concrete tray is a modern minimalist way to keep your surfaces clean of pillar candle drips.

There’s even a way to keep up with your clean candles, by making use of this esthetically modern Candle Care Kit. Including a wick trimmer, a snuffer, and a wick dipper, these handy tools sport a matte black stainless steel finish.

And while we’re diving into our selection of stylish accessories that’ll make your candle-life all the better, check out these multicolor apothecary matchsticks. Ditch that old plastic butane lighter for these colorful matchsticks that are much more pleasing to the eye. Let me tell you, the burning aspenwood smells just as good as the candle you’re lighting… 

Join the Club

When it comes to clean, we’ve got candles covered. If you want to bring that spring-clean feeling to your space all year, you can save BIG by joining the Clean Candle Club.

Earn matchsticks as points towards rewards with every purchase. Signing up is not only FREE, but you’ll also earn 50 matchsticks automatically. That’s a $5 value for even more clean candles!

In the Clean Candle Club, you’ll be able to get all of your favorite scents and be known as the best gift-giver of the group. Plus, you’ll be earning matchsticks and saving money as you shop.

Holidays, special occasions, events, and full-on cleaning sessions…we’ve got the glow for every moment. All-natural, affordable, plant-based candles that are clean from wax-to-wick, that is.

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