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Embrace a Fresh Start: No Scent New Year

January Scent Detox GoodLight Candles Blog

The resinous aroma of an aging evergreen tree in your living room, mingles with the residual smokiness from half a season of using the fireplace. The windows haven’t been opened in weeks and the essence of your favorite festive candles lingers in the house.

As much as we love the Holiday season and all of its nostalgic scents, you may be experiencing a bit of an olfactory overload by now. With a couple of cold months still ahead, it’s time for a mid-winter detox.


A glowing, opaque white candle illuminates your space, embodying the purity of a new year with a commitment to clean products.

Gone are the days of buying merchandise that doesn’t support your eco-conscious values. You go out of your way to ensure your home is stocked with environmentally friendly goods, cleaning products, and food items. You’ll spend an extra few dollars to get self-care goodies that benefit you and the planet.

With GoodLight, you can now set your standards high for your candles, but keep the cost low. We want you to be able to enjoy the comforting glow of a candle, knowing that it’s good for the planet, the air quality of your home, and your wallet.

And while you’re cleansing your airspace of odorous clutter, here are some ways you can use items from our ever-popular unscented candle collection:

Unscented Votives


Serving as pieces for both function and feng-shui, unscented votives sparkle up your space without even trying. Enjoy 15 hours of burn time in a simple, yet sophisticated glass votive holder that features its bright and warming flicker. Or fill your favorite votive holder with an 8-hour mini votive to spark an ambiance that's unique to you.

Unscented Pillars


You can’t go wrong with the reigning royals of home décor: unscented pillars. Choose from our collection of 3x6 inch, 3x3 inch, 2x6 inch, and 2x4.5 inch for a stand-alone tower of twinkle. Or showcase their effortless elegance with a centerpiece scape that includes all four candles with their offset heights. We like to catch any stray drips by displaying them atop this muted, modern, handmade concrete pillar tray candle base.

Unscented Tapers


In many parts of the country, with winter comes power outages. These 8 inch and 10 inch unscented taper candles burn the brightest of all our products, making them the perfect light substitute. And, with their splendid illumination, they’re sure to brighten up any occasion that calls for a little extra sparkle.




The clean slate of a New Year is an excellent time for setting clean goods goals. We’re here to enable your high standards for quality, affordable, eco-conscious products with our collection of pure, unscented candles.

Air out the stuffiness of 2023 and start the year with a fresh, toxin-free take. We bet you can make it all the way through the year without burning a single air-polluting candle. How? Keep an eye out for some exciting new inventory drops that’ll help you ring in a clean spring.

Positive light for a positive life, that’s GoodLight.

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