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Grow Love & Light: 10 Flowers for 10 New Pots

Designed with an encore in mind.  

Here’s the thing about GoodLight: Every candle with a vessel has been designed to have a second life beyond the wax.


Like our beautiful 3 or 7 ounce amber glass apothecary jars with screw-top lids. They’re perfect for storing daily items such as cotton balls and Q-tips atop your vanity or your favorite go-to spices. 

And, these *adorable* colored glass votives that can become vibrant workspace statement pieces to stash your pens or paint brushes.

Even GoodLight tins can make the best tiny-things-storage-solution for jewelry or loose tea with their pop-top lids. Personally, I love to use them while traveling for daily essentials like vitamins, jewelry holders, or mini first-aid kits.

These second-life solutions are so functional, you may consider buying them just for their repurposability. And, while you’re making your way to the end of the wick, you’ll be enjoying a paraffin-free, plant-based candle experience. Before you send that cart with all of your new GoodLight reusable goodies, there’s one more reusable vessel collection we want to tell you about because, to be honest, it’s our favorite. 





If you haven’t already heard, our Love & Light collection now has two new scents this year (Rose Patchouli and Wild Honey), for a total of 10 bright and vivacious aromas.


They are all featured in beautiful white, engraved ceramic 8-ounce vessels that have been designed for long-term love. 

And since National Plant-A-Flower Day is March 12, we think there’s no better way to celebrate than to convert these candle vessels into the cutest flower planters. 

Use the plant-derived scents to inspire your planting! Here are some ideas for flowers that evoke the joyful essence of each candle:

GoodLight Candles Rose Patchouli
Miniature Roses to echo the floral and earthy tones.
GoodLight Candles Wild Honey
Sweet Alyssum to capture the warm, fragrant notes.
GoodLight Candles Lavender
Lavender to continue the theme of relaxation and calm.
GoodLight Candles Eucalyptus Citrus
Citrus Blossom for a refreshing and clean aroma, until it's big enough to transplant.
GoodLight Candles Desert Juniper
Blue Star Juniper to mirror the woody, crisp scent.
Lemongrass Cassia
Lemon Balm for its citrusy, invigorating fragrance.
GoodLight Candles Lemon Verbena
Verbena for a bright, lemony scent.
GoodLight Candles Honeysuckle
Honeysuckle for its sweet, nectar-like fragrance.

GoodLight Candles Apricot Olive Leaf
English Marigolds to complement the fruity and herbal notes.
GoodLight Candles Fig Grapefruit
Grape Hyacinths for a fruity, slightly sweet aroma.

While you (and pollinators) will surely enjoy the pop of color these flowers will bring to your spring, you may be looking for a more functional application.  

They also happen to be the perfect size for planting your favorite kitchen herbs for year-round use! Or, perhaps planting is your thing? There are so many ways to repurpose these engraved ceramic pieces, don’t throw them away!  

They’re great for aesthetic storage of small items. Or, keep the candle-vibe illuminated and pop in one of our unscented tea lights for continued candle-joy. 



Keep Love Growing & Light Glowing

The simple, passive pleasure of a candle is the kind of light that can be passed onto others. So we take special care in sourcing ingredients and materials responsibly, to craft safe, clean candles that bring positive light to all. 

Our value in eco-elegance extends through to genuine care for our customers. We want your dollars to keep working for you, well after the wax. That’s why all of our vessels are made to be repurposed. 

And so, the Love & Light collection is a special one for us. It represents a culmination of our dedication to consumers and our craft. It’s a celebration of the simple stuff: the warming presence of love and light between us all and for what we do. 


Wondering where you can find more GoodLight? 

Whole Foods Market, with over 400 stores nationwide, is now exclusively carrying our newly designed 2 ounce tins in Lavender, Eucalyptus Citrus, Fig Grapefruit, Desert Juniper, and Honeysuckle. 

All 8 of our famous everyday scents remain available everywhere in their original 2- and 6-ounce tin designs. The re-design will rollout to our remaining retail partners and online this spring (and will include our new scents, Rose Patchouli and Wild Honey).


And, let us know how you reuse your vessels! Your idea might make it onto our Instagram.

Clean Candle Club members can email us at hello@goodlightcandles.com with a photo and description of your repurposed candles to earn 100 matchsticks (that’s $10!).

Not in the Clean Candle Club?

You’ll get $5 in matchsticks just for signing up!

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