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The Love Candle Story: Spreading Love & Supporting Hope

GoodLight Candles Climbs to Fight Breast Cancer LOVE CANDLE Blog

Stand in a room with eight women, one of them will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Those are the numbers that we contend with today, making it unlikely to find many people who have not been personally affected by the prevalence of this disease. To the folks at Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP), one diagnosis is one too many.

Yes, our lane is creating accessible, clean, plant-based candles for air pollutant-free enjoyment. So how did we become affiliated with the likes of this nonprofit powerhouse for breast cancer prevention?

Each year, BCPP hosts an annual fundraising event, the Mount Tamalpais Peak Hike for Prevention, adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge. For the 2012 hike, we donated candles to be included in the swag bags for participants. And, over a decade later, we have proudly donated over 2,500 candles to their hikes, which are now held nationwide in Texas, Rhode Island, and Utah.


We are all too eager to spotlight this amazing organization because, really, the enormity of the work they do can NOT be overstated.

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners is a diverse collective with a two-fold objective: “...to save lives and prevent the disease before it starts.”

Succinct and simple, yet far from easy. For 30 years, BCPP has been positioned at the forefront of public advocacy, tackling science-based policy development and awareness of environmental exposure.

In short, they’re the muscle behind a litany of successful campaigns to reduce the presence of known carcinogenic agents in cosmetics, food, food packaging, and more.

As such, BCPP has worked directly with large corporations to phase out and, ultimately, eliminate toxins from their products. By lobbying the Center for Disease Control, the Environmental Health Budget has been expanded by 300%, thanks to their efforts. And, with the publication of 33 major studies to date, BCPP has become a true leader in unwavering activism against the proliferation of this preventable disease.


With so many accolades and accomplishments, we can all breathe a little easier knowing that BCPP has our backs. But, there is still much work to be done.

So how can you help? Easy: take a hike!
Join the community of the now 7,500 hikers nationwide who have gotten to traverse the spectacular backcountry in solidarity with BCPP.

You can even host your own hike by becoming an ambassador!

Feeling a little extra adventurous?
Save the date for the trip(s) of a lifetime:

The LOVE (candle) story continues...

For our part, we’re so glad that our relationship with BCPP has become long-term (who has time for situationships anyways?). 

So, to celebrate our love story alongside everyone else, we decided Valentine’s Day is the perfect season for our limited-release LOVE candle collection.

As with all of our products, this bright and fruity Fig Grapefruit collection is paraffin-free and made with responsibly-sourced ingredients. But we’re not just stopping at making safe, eco-conscious, and affordable candles…

We have pledged 50¢ for every tin and $1 for every frosted glass candle sold from the Love candle collection to the BCPP. 

And, over the last four years of this extra special-release, we are honored to have been able to donate over $14,000. 

Want to support this cause with a LOVE candle?

They’re available nationwide at Natural Grocers or u se our store locator to find an independent grocer near you. We recommend calling the store to see if they carry the candles you're looking for.

Grateful to the invaluable work of BCPP, we’re glad our lanes intersected all that time ago in San Francisco. Spreading love and supporting hope, one candle at a time - that’s GoodLight. 

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