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The Psychotherapeutic Benefits of Lighting a Candle

The flickering glow of a candle’s small flame brings something special to a space. A sparkle, a warmth, an aura of calmness. When you light a candle, somehow, your space feels more cozy, homey… like it’s yours.

And it’s not just you!

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, attended a talk-therapy appointment, or gone to a spa, you likely encountered the warming comfort of a flickering flame. There’s a reason professionals employ the use of candles to create a soothing environment. And, there’s a reason candles have been in use since their advent around 3,000 B.C.

A dancing flame is a powerful agent for combating anxiety, stress, and other afflictions. And the mood-boosting effects aren’t a figment of your imagination…it’s psychotherapeutic stimulation! 

The science of scented candles

If you’ve ever detected a familiar perfume or gotten a whiff of your favorite comfort food, you’ve experienced the profound memory connection of the olfactory system. That’s because scent activates the same lobe of your brain that is responsible for memory and mood.

Fragrances associated with calmness and relaxation register as such in your brain due to conditioning; the prolific use of these scents in homey environments and situations means that you benefit from them in the same way. Psychotherapists agree: the benefits of aromatic candles are real and robust.

Unscented candles & your psyche

Even when candles are odorless, you are able to reap the benefits. Dinner by candlelight is much more enticing than dinner by…lamp? A space is visually warmed by the flickering light; it creates an environment of calmness, introspection…insta-coziness.

The source of this stimulation goes back to our ancestors. By domesticating fire, early humans were able to cook their food and protect themselves from the elements. In so doing, we’ve developed an intrinsic psychological bond with the flame.

Thus, we experience feelings of relaxation in the presence of a controlled fire; our brain is telling us we’re safe in that space.

GoodLight Candles: good for you and good for the planet

So, the next time you’re in need of an instant mood-booster, enjoy the bright and earthy aroma of the Eucalyptus Citrus votive. Or, create a focal point for your next meditative moment with the dancing flame of an Unscented 15-Hr Votive.

Tap into your psyche with quality-crafted candles that are clean and eco-conscious…and enrich your life with GoodLight.

Want to dig deeper?

Learn more about the science of scented candles here.

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