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Understanding Candle Scents: Cold Throw vs. Hot Throw


If you’re catching a different aroma from your candle after it has been lit, it’s not in your imagination.

This is known as the cold throw versus the hot throw of a candle. And by being able to differentiate the two, you’ll be a pro candle-shopper who knows how to get the most out of your candle experience.


Don’t let the cold throw…throw you

In a store, sniffing different candles to choose the right one?

If that sounds like you, you’re candle-shopping based on their cold throw. That is, the aroma emitted by an unlit candle.

While the cold throw offers a preview of the scent, it can be deceptive in its subtlety. A candle’s full aromatic profile is rendered by heat, which is its hot throw.

In GoodLight’s case, the scents in our scented candles are comprised of 100% natural essential oils and plant-derived isolates. These are added to the paraffin-free palm oil wax to make a homogenous mixture delivering an aromatic release when heated.

The flame melts the wax, dispersing the aroma into the air for your olfactory enjoyment.


The best scents for both throws

Some candles emit a stronger cold throw than a hot throw, making them an excellent candidate for general aromatherapy. After all, you can’t have your candle aflame all the time, so it’s nice to shop for ones that still infuse your space with delicate, pleasant odors in its unlit state.


For pronounced cold throw candles, shop for citrus and lighter floral scents. These fragrances are volatile at lower temperatures, making them easily detectable sans flame.

Here are some we recommend: 


Yet, as we mentioned, candles are designed to emit their scent when heat is applied. Heavy, rich scents like vanilla, cinnamon, and conifer tend to deliver a more potent hot throw. These oils diffuse more effectively when warmed, filling a space with their aroma.

Here are some we recommend: 

  • Desert Juniper - Arid evergreen with a resinous essence that readily disperses when warmed.
  • Vanilla Nutmeg Cardamom - Delivers the kind of sweet aroma that warms you from the inside out, especially when it’s lit.



What does it mean for your shopping?

Since ambiance, aesthetic, and scent intensity are key factors for most people choosing their candles, knowing the difference between the hot throw and cold throw can help inform your selection.

For instance, if you prefer a candle that subtly enhances your space without overwhelming it, a stronger cold throw with a milder hot throw might be ideal. Conversely, for those who want their rooms filled with scent, focusing on a strong hot throw is key.

Moreover, consider the size of the candle. We recommend purchasing a candle that is proportional to the area of the room. Essential oils and essential oil isolates simply do not boast the “fire power” that synthetic fragrances do. But, for our part, we favor the more delicate breath rendered from our all-natural ingredients.

Understanding which scent profile tends to lend itself best with and without a flame will guide your choice accordingly.

With a diverse range of candles that hit every aromatic preference, GoodLight offers eco-conscious options that are the optimal choice for candle connoisseurs. That’s why we’re proudly positioned as one of the top eco-friendly candles you can burn guilt-free by CNN Underscored. See the whole article here.

Hot or cold, GoodLight delivers that positive glow.


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