Welcome to the new GoodLight!

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One of the things we have always loved about having a candle company is that our job is to spread light, literally. We also want to spread love. So we've introduced a new line of candles, the Love+Light collection.

Each of these candles is poured in an 8 ounce reusable ceramic vessel engraved simply with LOVE+LIGHT. We hope these candles inspire you to feel light and love throughout your day.

Just like all GoodLight candles, each of these candles is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. From the wax to the wick to the scent, they contain no petroleum-based paraffin, phthalates, or synthetic perfumes.

Every purchase of GoodLight candles goes to support a wide range of social and environmental projects. Check out our mission video below to learn more.


GoodLight’s Environmental Mission (Closed Captions) from C Salt Media on Vimeo.