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our customers love GoodLight

"I love fragrant candles, but unfortunately my asthma and allergies make most of them unbearable. So when I recently received a lavender GoodLight candle as a gift, I was skeptical. But I love lavender and I was familiar with GoodLight, so I decided to give them a try. I lit the candle in a large open room and felt no negative affects. Within 30 minutes I had the candle glowing next to my bed! WOW - first time ever - zero breathing difficulties, zero itchy eyes. The smell was amazing and I am sold! -Jennifer K., San Francisco, CA


"Goodlight Team: Thank you for such a quality product. We have used your pillar candles in our worship services for several years now, and they burn longer, cleaner, and brighter than any other candle. Very pleased to be a repeat customer. Keep up the great work." -Rebecca Edwards, DaySpring Baptist Church, Waco, TX


"Your tea lights are burned for reiki, yoga, massage, and other healing work in our studio. We want people breathing the best the whole time. Thanks for being awesome and easy to work with. I will always continue to work with people like you." - Neale B., Urban Escape Healing Studio, Chicago, IL


"We lost power for 5 days due to Hurricane Sandy. It was nice to have light for the past 5 nights without putting toxic fumes into my home. I just re-ordered to restock on all the candles we used. Thank you for what you do, keep up the 'Good' work!" -Brant, Bryn Athyn, PA