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  • GoodLight 8 Inch Taper Candle: Natural, Non-Toxic, Paraffin-Free
  • GoodLight Taper Candle: Natural, Non-Toxic, Paraffin-Free

8" Taper

$ 7.99

Pack Size


Classic tapers for fine dining, events, task lighting, and/or emergency preparedness. Our paraffin-free taper candles are made from 100% palm wax and have a pure cotton wick braided specifically for taper candles. The result – a taper that will burn long, bright, and dripless* without making a mess. They are ideal for restaurants, weddings, or your dinner table at home. And remember, a taper will provide more illumination than any other candle, so they're perfect for task lighting or for when the power goes out.


•White and unscented.

•Taper size: 7/8" diameter x 8" high

•Burn time = up to 7 hours

•Recycled/recyclable box printed with vegetable-based inks

•Available in a 4-pack (shown), a case of 24 (six 4-packs), and a master case of 96 (24 four-packs).

•Tiered discounts applied when buying two or more master cases. 

*When we say dripless, the conditions need to be right - free from drafts and positioned straight.

**Please note, our tapers often display what look like vertical hairline fractures. This is a natural result of the palm wax cooling process and will not affect the stability or burn quality of the candle.

•Weight by size to help determine shipping cost:
4-pack: .62 lb
case: 4 lb
master case: 16.5 lb

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